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Zoom ST-224 SampleTrack
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Zoom ST-224 SampleTrack € 125

During the late 90′s started the phrase sampler commercial boom. All the big brand had their “groove sampler” for the “groove musician”. Boss started their SP-serie , Korg marketed the ES-1 , Akai had the Remix16 (mid 90′s) then the s-20, Yamaha presented their SU-serie. Zoom came out with the ST-224 Sampletrack in 1999, a cheap alternative to the Korg Es-1 and Boss SP-303. The Zoom can store up to 32 samples in memory and has a 3 bank kit with 24 samples in use max (8 samples x 3 There are 3 sample grades: Hi-fi 32 kHz , Standard 16kHz , Lo-fi 8kHz with 18 bit DAC. The effect bank is really useful for creative manipulation of the recorded ma ...

€ 125

Bod: € 125
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