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Oude  motoren gerestaureerd/ongerestaure

[Gevraagd] Oude motoren gerestaureerd/ongerestaure

Tekoop gevraagd oude fietsen / fietsen met hulpmotor / bromfietsen / motoren / zijspan / onderdelen wel of niet gerestaureerd en ze mogen uit elkaar liggen . Als u wat heeft wat u kwijt wil bied het gewoon aan,we komen er wel uit.

3 maanden+ Rouveen, OV
Vespa 150 CC SCOOTER (1964)
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Vespa 150 CC SCOOTER (1964) € 3.900

Vespa 150 CC SCOOTER Segment: Motorscooter BTW/Marge: BTW (Bedrijven kunnen de BTW terugvorderen van de belasting) Tellerstand: 9 km Bouwjaar: 1964 Kleur: DIVERSE VESPA 150CC SUPER COMPLEET NIEUW BJ 1967 DIV KLEUREN ALLES NIEUW MUST SEE

€ 3.900 3 maanden+ Vlaardingen, ZH
Gevraagd voor Norton Commando MK3

Gevraagd voor Norton Commando MK3 n.o.t.k

Ik zoek de originele KM plus Toerenteller voor een Norton Commando MK3, die met de wit / blauwepijl.

n.o.t.k 3 maanden+ Nunspeet, GE
Yamaha tz 125 racer

Yamaha tz 125 racer n.o.t.k

De mooiste 125 ccYamaha racer van Nederland. type 3V3 1980 100% orgineel met onderdelen kit. fotos via emall 06-16531369 inruil op race gebied mogelijk

n.o.t.k 3 maanden+ Sneek, FR
Gevraagd Triumph klassiekers

Gevraagd Triumph klassiekers n.o.t.k

D-Classics klassieke motoren in Groningen is altijd op zoek naar alle types klassieke Triumph motoren. Wilt u uw Triumph verkopen, neem dan geheel vrijblijvend eens contact met ons op. D-Classics garandeert een correcte afhandeling, met direkt een RDW vrijwaring, contant geld en geen gezeur of oeverloos heen en weer gemail.

n.o.t.k 3 maanden+ Groningen, GR
Aangeboden enkele oude crossers v.a.1979-1987
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Aangeboden enkele oude crossers v.a.1979-1987 n.o.t.k

Aangeboden verzameling oude crossers w.o. MAICO - KTM - HONDA - HUSQVARNA- CAGIVA gerestaureerd en ongerestaureerd v.a. 250cc tot 500cc Geen koopjes Inruil is mogelijk.

n.o.t.k 3 maanden+ Lochem, GE
Diverse wielen
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Diverse wielen n.o.t.k

te koop diverse wielen volgens foto,s

n.o.t.k 3 maanden+ Tubbergen, Ov
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HONDA 450 € 4.750

honda 450 1972 heeft na retauratie niet meer gelopen motor moet goed gepoetst worden BIJ INTERESSE ALLEEN BELLEN OP EMAIL WORD NIET GEREAGEERD 0620681119

€ 4.750 3 maanden+ Veghel, NB
Matchless 1960 G50 500cc 1 cyl ohc
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Matchless 1960 G50 500cc 1 cyl ohc € 24.950

Matchless ca 1960  G50 500cc OHC Racing Engine # CSR50R  Frame CB LW 02 The Matchless G50 is a racing bike made by Associated Motorcycles (AMC) at the former Matchless works in London. Developed in 1958 from the 350cc AJS 7R but with the engine capacity increased to 500 cc, 180 G50s (G 50 stands for 50 bhp) were built in the next four years. The G50 50cc OHC proved highly competitive at three hundred pounds and was faster in cornering, compared to the slightly more powerful Norton Manx. If success is measured by longevity then this is the most successful Matchless motorcycle ever . Unfortunately financial problems at AMC ended production ...

€ 24.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
MV Agusta 1960 GTE Sport Checca 99cc 1 cyl ohv 2511
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MV Agusta 1960 GTE Sport Checca 99cc 1 cyl ohv 2511 € 5.500

MV Agusta 1960 Checca 99c 1 cyl ohv Frame # MV GTE S*583568* Engine *MV-S-583698* Debuting in 1960, the MV GT Sport was a lightweight motorcycle that was available in two displacements, 83 and 99cc. This 99cc single cilinder, 4-stroke engine was rated at 5,15 HP at 6000 rpm. The frame followed MV practice, being a mix of tubular front, and a steel pressed in the rear, as well as the engine being mounted in an open duplex cradle. Production ended around 1969. This beautifully restored MV GT Sport is running very well.

€ 5.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Zenith 1920 8hp 1000cc 2 cyl sv 2603
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Zenith 1920 8hp 1000cc 2 cyl sv 2603 € 29.500

Zenith  1920 “Model H”  8 HP   976 cc JAP  side valve V-twin  frame # 6000  engine  #  8/70143/EX In pre W.W. 1 days Zenith machines gained many successes; driving force was chief engineer Freddy Barnes, who was responsible for the famous “Gradua” gear.  The mechanics of the Gradua  gear were a variable engine pulley worked by a handle, with simultaneous correction of the belt length made by sliding the rear wheel backwards or forwards in the fork slots. Its advantage showed itself most effectively in speed hill climbs. The Zenith rider could change during the journey up while the other competitors had to make do with a ...

€ 29.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Panther 1934 model 100 598cc 1 cyl ohv 2708
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Panther 1934 model 100 598cc 1 cyl ohv 2708 € 19.950

Panther 1934 “ Model 100”  598cc  OHV single frame # 10495 engine # M5385 P&M motorcycles were produced for more than 60 years; the last 650 cc sloping engine singles left the Cleckheaton (Yorkshire) factory in 1966. The name “ Panther” was added during the 1920s. Many different models were made, but the typical Panther layout was that of the sloping engine that acted as an essential component of the frame diamond. The Model 100 had a 598 cc, 87 mm × 100 mm OHV sloper engine that had a 6.5:1 compression ratio. It was launched in 1932 and continued through to 1963. While the engine and overall layout stayed essential ...

€ 19.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Vincent 1951 rapide 1000cc 2 cyl ohv 2706
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Vincent 1951 rapide 1000cc 2 cyl ohv 2706 € 59.500

Vincent 1951 Rapide 998cc Upper Frame nr RC/1/8826/C Rear Frame nr RC7469  Engine nrF10AB/1/5569 The outbreak of WW2 in 1939 brought production of all Series A models to a halt, and when Vincent resumed production at the war’s end it was with the all-new Series B. Its rear suspension aside, the Series A Vincent-HRD had been conventional enough: tubular steel frame, girder forks, separate gearbox, etc but with the Series B Messrs Vincent and Irving effectively established the marque’s reputation for the defiance of convention in the pursuit of engineering excellence. For a start there was no ‘frame’ as such, merely a fabricated box attache ...

€ 59.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Ariel 1939 Square Four 1000cc 4 cyl ohv 2703
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Ariel 1939 Square Four 1000cc 4 cyl ohv 2703 € 21.500

Ariel 1939 model 4H 997 cc Square Four frame # AX 446 engine # CJ779 Ariel unveiled the all new SQ 4 to the motorcycle world at the Olympia Show in 1930. It was a brainchild of design genius Edward Turner and it was powered by an OHC engine with 2 parallel crankshafts, mounted in a crankcase transversely across the frame. The two cranks were geared together in the center uf the unit, so in effect there were two vertical twin engines running in opposite directions. The result was a silky, smooth power output with instant response to the throttle. In 1932 the capacity was increased to 600 cc and in 1937 a new 4 appeared, this time of 997 cc and ...

€ 21.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Harley Davidson 1934 Model RL 750cc 2 cyl sv 2710
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Harley Davidson 1934 Model RL 750cc 2 cyl sv 2710 € 21.500

Harley-Davidson 1934 Model “RL” 742 cc side valve V-twin engine # 34RL 1158 For the 1932 model year a redesigned 750 was marketed as the Model R. It differed in many respects from the previous model. To name a few: new cylinders, flywheels and conrods, crankcases, cam gears and oil pump, plus many more detail changes in the engine and cycle parts. Unfortunately sales were very slow in 1932 due to the worldwide economic depression. No more than about 1,300 model R bikes were sold that year. In 1934 the economical situation had improved slightly, witnessed by the 2035 R series machines that were sold that year. The R was available in ...

€ 21.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Gillet 1929 Sport 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2710
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Gillet 1929 Sport 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2710 € 14.950

Gillet   1929  “Sport” 498 cc OHV       frame & engine # 31835 The first Gillets – built in Herstal near Liege, Belgium – were designed by Fernand Laguesse and brought out in 1920. They were unit-design 300cc two-strokes with belt drive. The design was simple, rugged and reliable and soon the company was an established and successful motorcycle manufacturer. Many long-distance runs were made and the two-strokes were very prominent in races. From June to December 1926 two Frenchmen rode their Gillets for a distance of 25,000 kilometres and covered almost all continents of the world. No real problems occurred with the ...

€ 14.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Harley Davidson 1947 Servicar 2711
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Harley Davidson 1947 Servicar 2711 € 19.950

Harley Davidson 1947 Servicar 750cc 2 cyl sv   Engine # 47G4060 The Harley-Davidson Servi-Car was designed during the early 1930`s when Harley-Davidson was desperate to expand its product base to increase sales. Targeted at the automotive service industry, the vehicle was designed to be towed behind a car to be delivered to a customer when the car was delivered at its destination, the driver would unhitch the Servi-Car and ride back to the garage. For this reason, it was available with a tow bar at the front.In addition to its intended use for car delivery and retrieval, the Servi-Car was also popular as a utility vehicle for small busines ...

€ 19.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Sarolea 1920 Model 22B 550cc 1 cyl sv 2804
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Sarolea 1920 Model 22B 550cc 1 cyl sv 2804 € 18.950

Sarolea 1920 “22 B” 4 HP 550 cc side valve single frame & engine # 7225 The firm was established in 1850 at Herstal( Liege) as an arms factory by Joseph Saroléa. In 1892 the production of bicycles was started. Joseph died in 1894 and under the management of his sons the company grew bigger and bigger. In the early years of the new century the company started to develop motorized bicycles and soon Saroléa was a force to reckon with: around 1907 the firm employed some 200 labourers and had 4000 m2 of production facilities. In the early years of the century Saroléas were sold in Britain under the “Kerry” brand. Both singles and V ...

€ 18.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Excelsior 1914 Model 4TS 500cc 1 cyl ioe 2804
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Excelsior 1914 Model 4TS 500cc 1 cyl ioe 2804 € 74.500

Excelsior 1914 “Auto Cycle”   Model 4TS  499cc   IOE  single  engine # 20690 The famous American Excelsior motorcycle was produced by the Excelsior Motor Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois from 1908 until 1931, latterly under the ‘Super-X’ brand name. The first Excelsior was  a belt-driven single-cylinder machine, the engine of which formed part of the frame. The engine itself was an inlet-over-exhaust ‘F-head’, a design then much in vogue because, whatever its limitations, it enabled the exhaust valve to be directly cooled by the incoming mixture, a positive advantage at a time when the science of metallurgy was in ...

€ 74.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Vincent 1955 Black Knight1000cc 2 cyl 2805
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Vincent 1955 Black Knight1000cc 2 cyl 2805 € 59.500

Vincent 1955 Black Knight 1000cc 2 cyl ohv Upper Frame nr RD12534  Rear Frame nr RD12534  Engine nr F10AB/2/10634 case nr F16V Ever since the Series A’s arrival in 1937, the Vincent v-twin had been synonymous with design innovation, engineering excellence and superlative high performance.

€ 59.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
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