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Wegenkaart Bonaire | Kasprowski Publisher

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Wegenkaart Bonaire | Kasprowski Publisher


Gedetailleerde wegenkaart van dit deel van de Cariben. bezienwaardigheden, wandelpaden, duiksites zijn aangegeven. De kaart is voorzien van een straatnamen index. Met plattegrond van Rincon en Kralendijk. The most up-to-date and only complete road map of Bonaire ( Scale 1 : 40 000 ), as well as the Kralendijk urban area, spanning from Santa Barbara Crowns, through the airport, to Punt Vierkant (Scale 1 : 15 000). An inset of Rincon (Scale 1 : 12 000) is also included. All maps and insets come with thorough street indexes.

All of the official diving sites around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire are displayed, most of them with their GPS locations, as recorded by STINAPA, the island's official conservation foundation.

The map shows all the island's known roads and streets with their names, as well as an extensive set of biking routes and kayaking trails.

The map is sold folded, measuring 5 1/4" x 9 5/8" ( 13.5 cm x 24.5 cm ) and is designed for easy opening and refolding. Its full unfolded format is 26" x 38 5/8" ( 66 cm x 98 cm ). The map can be hung on a wall to show the entire island. It contains the following features: Attractive full color layout with high-quality glossy finish; rich topographic detail; Main and secondary roads; diving, snorkeling, and shipwreck sites; biking, hiking, and kayaking trails; beaches, bays, reefs, and marinas; national parks, protected areas, mountain peaks, and other natural features; caves and fossil sites; bird watching, turtle nesting, butterfly and flamingo areas; Indian inscriptions (petroglyphs), slave-labor camps, watermills, and other historic sites; international airport, parking areas, sports arenas, medical centers, lighthouses, gas stations, places of worship, schools, police stations, post offices, and other points of interest; Symbol key and scale; depth curves, soundings, heights, and contour lines in meters, longitude and latitude lines and other identifiers.


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