TOPPING DX7S 2x ES9038 DAC / Preamp DSD 32bit / 384kHz

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TOPPING DX7S 2x ES9038 DAC / Preamp DSD 32bit / 384kHz

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TOPPING DX7S 2x ES9038 DAC / Preamp DSD 32bit / 384kHz

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Topping maakt gebruik van de professionele audio Precision audio-tester APx555 ,de top in audio test apparatuur.

laat u niet door de prijs in de maling nemen, dit is echt goed!

Dac pre amp gebalanceerd, afstandsbediening incl volume.

Fully balanced dac/amp with notable improvements it’s not often that a fully balanced dac/amp comes along at a price like this.

The topping dx7s improves upon the well-regarded dx7 by taking both the dac and headphone amp sections up a notch. It features two es9038 dac chips and a more powerful amplifier—especially the four-pin balanced out, which is rated at 1,000 mw x 2 at 32 ohms and 546 mw x 2 at 300 ohms (compared to the original dx7, which outputted 420 mw at 300 ohms).

Equipped with two xlr outputs, a coaxial input and output, and a usb input, the dx7s can be paired with a computer or used as the center of an audio setup.

It can run either 110v or 220v, has a power mode switch on the left side, and is complete with an oled display.

The topping dx7s is a versatile device that will serve you as both dac, preamplifier and headphone amplifier.

It incorporates a symmetrical design based on two dac es9038 for an exceptional rendition.

Versatility and efficiency the topping dx7s thanks to its 32bit 384khz capacity offers many configuration possibilities.

Combining the functions of dac, digital preamplifier and high impedance headphone amplifier, it will fulfill most needs with a balanced headphone output.

Usb xmos dual es9038 the fully symmetrical design of this es9038-based 2-chip dac gives it high-end technical qualities with minimal crosstalk and floor noise.

Each standard pcm spdif digital input has a galvanic isolation transformer. The topping dx7s offers at a studied rate benefits rarely achieved.

Double analogical floor realsymmetricalthe analog stage of this dac is symmetrical with the output of both es9038.

The analog part has separate op amps for each left and right channel of texas instrument-grade audiophile quality.

A symmetrical helmet section high fidelitythe topping dx7s dac delivers optimal headphone output through two tpa6112a2 amplifiers.

Thus, in addition to supporting the dsd / dxd and sampling rates up to 32bit / 384khz, it benefits from a particularly neat analog output stage that can attack the market-leading audiophile headsets on xlr balanced 4 pin output.

This allows the dx7 to offer a lower sound color and therefore a faithful reproduction, a very low distortion and a high linearity. You gain in dynamics, details and neutrality. Specssupport usb in: 44.1–6768 Khz/16–32 bit, dsd64–dsd256 (dop), dsd64–dsd512 (native) opt/aes/coax in: 44.1–192 Khz/16–24 bit, dsd64 (dop) coax out: 44.1–192 Khz/16–24 bit headphone out, 6.35Mm thd+n, a-weighted: 121 db at 1 khz frequency response: 20 hz–20 khz (+/- 0.35 Db) output level: 13.3 Vpp at 32 ohms, 18.7 Vpp at 300 ohms noise: 120 db at 1 khz frequency response: 20 hz–20 khz (+/- 0.12 Db) output level: 16.2 Vpp at 32 ohms, 36.2 Vpp at 300 ohms noise: 122 db at 1 khz frequency response: 20 hz–20 khz (+/- 0.35 Db) output level: 2 vrms at 0 dbfs noise: 123 db at 1 khz frequency response: 20 hz–20 khz (+/- 0.35 Db) output level: 4 vrms at 0 dbfs noise: <2.6 Uvrms crosstalk: -133 db at 1 khz channel balance: 0.3 Db output impedance: 200 ohms physical input: usb, opt, aes, coax digital input: coax line out: xlr, rca headphone out: 6.35 Mm, balanced power input: ac110/ac220, 50 hz/60 hz dimensions: 9.8 X 8.1 X 2 in (25 x 20.5 X 5 cm) weight: 4.3 Lbs (1.95 Kg) included ¼ in (6.35 Mm) to ? in (3.5 Mm) adapter usb data cable ac power cord product Advertentienummer: 44821095

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