Ludic Polaris Powercord 2 mtr stroomkabel

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Ludic Polaris Powercord 2 mtr stroomkabel

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Ludic Polaris Powercord 2 mtr stroomkabel

The Ludic Power Cables are the result of years of experience to achieve a high-quality staircase product at a price-quality level.

Manufactured with the revolutionary UP-OCC copper Drawn® with the patented OCC, which allows to obtain high purity copper single crystal structure in one direction. The purity of copper is higher than 99.997%. Cryogenic monocrystalline treatment, this particular process at a temperature of -196 ° C, provides excellent conductivity and increases the flow of electrons.

The outcome of this process results in: • more dynamics • Sophisticated and comprehensive treble • Greater coherence between the different frequency ranges • Expanded imaging in three dimensions This has created the implementation of this uncompromised power cable network according to the IEC standard.

Shield made of solid PTFE Teflon ® coated cotton without chlorine. Schuko connectors with nylon structure and bottom of glass fiber with micro-ceramic particles absorbing vibration and resonances.

Electrical connections of copper-nickel alloy. High-density triple-layer shielding for maximum noise rejection: eliminating noise and signal interference from outside electromagnetic interference (EMI) Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric for maximum signal strength: the dielectric surrounds the cable conductors and poor quality dielectric material can sap away signal strength and integrity.

The Nitrogen gas-injected dielectric maintains signal integrity and ensures a strong signal from your source to your speaker. Durablc Gold-Plated Internal Shield

The use of these power cables when used in a homogeneous chain makes clear noise-free sound and better defined, thus enhancing the entire audio range, enhancing the tonal music holographic image.

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