J-boats J/39 J39 J-39 X-yachts Dehler Trade-in Possible

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€ 29.950
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J-boats J/39 J39 J-39 X-yachts Dehler Trade-in Possible

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J-boats J/39 J39 J-39 X-yachts Dehler Trade-in Possible

For Sale: Not a x-yachts or a dehler but one of the best boats J has ever built in their history. Lying in the Netherlands,
For Sale:

Trade in small boat possible.

Not a x-yachts or a dehler but one of the best boats J has ever built in their history. Lying in the Netherlands (Haringvliet lake), J / boats J /39 offshore cruiser racer. One of the 21 ever built J / 39s, this fast and easy to handle yacht will surprise you in sailing performance and easy handling. Inside you will find everything you need in a well kept shape. Big investments were made to keep the yacht fit. The last sixteen years the boat is practically only used for cruising on Dutch coastal and inshore waters. Exceptional speeds can easy be reached by a small crew. I owned this yacht for six years and I am now looking for a new challenge.

If you have any questions or requesting more photos please contact me.


More info:

On j / boats website / look in the category "other j / boats".

Dimensions ft/lb m/kg
LOA 39.50 12.04
LWL 33.40 10.18
Beam 12.40 3.78
Standard Draft 7.20 2.19
Standard Ballast 5,700 2,586
Displacement 12,500 5,670
Diesel Aux. Engine 28 hp 28 hp
100% SA 781 72.52
I 52.00 15.85
J 15.60 4.75
P 45.50 13.86
E 16.50 5.03
SA/Dspl 23 23
Dspl/L 150 150

Why buy this boat:

If you are looking for beautifully designed yacht with classic lining and you dont like the modern caravan looking models.
You want to do some club racing.
You want to own something no one in the harbor has.
If you like to overtake almost every other sailboat.
You want to bring your family and do some fast cruising.
You want some nice space inside and you dont mind the spartan interior.


Yanmar 3GM 27 BHP
Maxprop turning blades propeller.


A lot of investments were made the last years:
Most of the critical balsa parts all professionally renewed by foam core or epoxy plates, some places still to be done.
All rails and blocks removed and mounted with epoxy.
Complete new rod rigging.
Motor service (new filter, impeller, oil etc.)
Boom, tiller and striping repainted.
New genaker boom and dynema water stay.


Most interior parts are repainted (wood and upholstery)
Complete new Upholstery in sitting area.


All Brokes and Gatehouse everything works (only no signal from wind speed, probably cable lose). Full Hydra package with repeaters on the mast.
BG automatic pilot
Philips GPS
Electronic compass
Radio CD player


Webasto Heather, does blow but doesnt warm up (alternative heather is provided).
Warm Water Boiler.
Electronic water pump system.
Nic e working Fridge
Black water tank.

North Dacron fully battened
Relling Dacron fully battened (old)
French made kevlar (old)

Head Sails:

High Aspects

Hagoort Flexpen laminate (like new)
Relling Dacron (old)
Relling Kevlar (reasonable)

Genua 4
Van Vliet Dacron (reasonable)
Relling Kevlar (old)

Genua 2
Relling Heavy duty (old)
Relling Light duty (reasonable)

Genua 1
Relling Heavy Duty (reasonable)
Relling Light Duty (reasonable)

Hagoort 120 blue/wite as shown on photos (like new)
Relling red/white reacher (reasonable)

Relling Heavy Duty 1,5 oz (good)
Relling light Duty 0,75 oz (old)
Relling medium 1,25 (good)

Extra gegevens:
Merk: J-boats
Bouwjaar: 1991
Ligplaats: nl haringvliet
Lengte: 12

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