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Indian 1918 Powerplus 998cc 2 cyl sv 2812
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Indian 1918 Powerplus 998cc 2 cyl sv 2812 € 34.500

Indian  1918   N-18  “PowerPlus”    998 cc side valve  V- twin  frame#  81K481 The Indian PowerPlus engine was a design of Charles Gustafson, who had already earned fame as an engine designer at the Reading Standard company before he was approached by the Indian management. His task was to design a powerful, robust, reliable and production friendly engine to replace the old F-head V-twin design of Oscar Hedstrom. The resulting 61” side valve PowerPlus introduced in 1916 was an immediate success: it turned out to be very robust and reliable and had a healthy power output that reached 18 HP in its final versions. “So basically ...

€ 34.500 4 dagen Nederweert, LB
NSU 1913 3hp 396cc 2 cyl ioe 2811
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NSU 1913 3hp 396cc 2 cyl ioe 2811 € 27.500

NSU 1913 “3HP” 396 cc IOE V-twin frame # 330532 engine # 27951 NSU built its first powered two-wheeler in 1901. Zédel proprietary engines were used initially but within a few years NSU was making its own power units and was one of the first manufacturers to fit two-speed transmission. Designed by its late founder’s son, Karl Schmidt, the first all-NSU model of 1903 was powered by a 329cc engine rated at 2½hp and would turn out to be a huge success by the standards of the day, in excess of 2,000 being sold up to 1905. A host of different models was introduced up to the outbreak of war, including a range of v-twins in various sizes. The m ...

€ 27.500 4 dagen Nederweert, LB
Aermacchi 1972 350cc 1 cyl ohv 2811
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Aermacchi 1972 350cc 1 cyl ohv 2811 € 6.500

Aermacchi / Harley Davidson 1972 350 GTS ( Sprint) 344 cc ohv single frame # 252421 Aermacchi was an Italian aircraft manufacturer. Formerly known as Aeronautica Macchi, the company was founded in 1912 by Giulio Macchi at Varese in north-western Lombardy as Nieuport-Macchi, to build Nieuport monoplanes under license for the Italian military. With a factory located on the shores of Lake Varese, the firm originally manufactured a series of Nieuport designs, as well as seaplanes. After World War II, the company began producing utility three-wheelers and motorcycles as a way to fill the post-war need for cheap, efficient transportation. With the ...

€ 6.500 4 dagen Nederweert, LB
Douglas 1919 4HP 596cc 2 cyl sv 2811
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Douglas 1919 4HP 596cc 2 cyl sv 2811 € 32.500

Douglas 1919 4 HP 596 cc side valve flat twin with original Douglas sidecar frame# 7765 engine # 9249 This Bristol-based firm developed the horizontally opposed fore-aft unit in about 1907 and continued utilising this engine layout well into the thirties. The earliest Douglas models had direct belt drive, but in 1910 a two-speed gearbox was added, with the control on top of the petrol tank. Douglas machines became very popular because of their lightness, ease of starting and speed: in the 1912 Junior TT races Douglas took first, second and fourth places. In the First World War thousands of 2 ¾ HP machines were commissioned for use by despatc ...

€ 32.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Yamaha 1984 RD500 4 cyl ts 2811
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Yamaha 1984 RD500 4 cyl ts 2811 € 11.500

Yamaha 1984 RD 500 LC 499 cc V-4 two stroke frame # 51-003156 Engine # 51X Introduced in 1984, the RD500LC was a street legal, road going version of Yamaha’s factory YZR500 competition motorcycle which at the time was leading the world championship with Kenny Roberts. This wasn’t a motorcycle based upon a current production model intended for the road, but a fresh adaptation of a factory race machine, the closest thing to a Grand Prix motorcycle the average rider could get. The 499cc V-4 two-stroke engine developed 88 bhp @ 9500 rpm in its tuned for the street form. The liquid cooled engine was a 50° twin crankshaft V-4 with the dual cranks ...

€ 11.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Yamaha TZ collection 2811
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Yamaha TZ collection 2811 n.o.t.k

No 7 Yamaha ca 1980 TZ 350 B 383 347 cc two stroke twin    production racer  frame # 383 997260 engine # DS7-994149 The TZ story begins for real in 1971 when air-cooled factory twins bikes first appeared with four lugs already mounted on the front down tubes, upon which the radiator could be mounted as and when required. By the end of that year the first prototype water-cooled top end was in existence ready for the start of the 1972 season. These were used to great effect by several favoured riders that season, but none more effectively than Jarno Saarinen, who clinched the 250cc championship that year, and finished a close second in ...

n.o.t.k 1 week Nederweert, LB
Ariel 1932 Square four 600cc 4 cyl ohc 2811
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Ariel 1932 Square four 600cc 4 cyl ohc 2811 € 29.500

Ariel  1932   “4F”  600 cc OHC four cylinder frame# D1133 engine # T 234 The Ariel square four’s original design by Edward Turner is said to have been a masterpiece, but it proved too costly to produce commercially and so Chief designer Val Page was instructed by the Ariel Board to cut its costs by making any alterations that were necessary. Page went to work and the production version of the redesigned Four was presented to the public at the London Olympia Show in November 1930. The machine was heavier than the original design and didn’t have the integrated gearbox. Frame and cycle parts were common to those of the exi ...

€ 29.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Raleigh 1924 Model 2 2¾hp 350cc 1 cyl sv 2811
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Raleigh 1924 Model 2 2¾hp 350cc 1 cyl sv 2811 € 11.500

Raleigh 1924 2 ¾ HP 348 cc SV “ Model 2 Popular Model” frame# 5285 engine # 5024 In the beginning of the 20th century Raleigh’s main business was in the cycle trade. Company founder Frank Bowden was a firm believer in variable gear systems and from the end of 1902 the Raleigh Cycle company put the Sturmey-Archer cycle hub gear on the market. There was some motorcycle production between 1899 and 1906, but only after the first world war serious thought was given again to motorcycle production. In the early twenties a 699 cc flat twin is released but from 1922 on the focus lies on single cylinder side valve singles and these economical, w ...

€ 11.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Ariel 1935 Red Hunter 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2811
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Ariel 1935 Red Hunter 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2811 € 19.500

Ariel 1935 499 cc OHV model VH “Red Hunter” frame # Y 11001 engine # KA 2615 The basics of the “Red Hunter “ can be traced back to a Val Page design, but the name first came into use in the 1932 programme that had been designed by Edward Turner. The new sporty OHV models in 250, 350 and 500cc capacities were very good-looking, reliable and sturdy. They became great performers in off-road competition work as well as for fast touring and were produced till 1960, when Ariel management decided to concentrate on two strokes and phase out four stroke production. The VH was available in single port and two port versions and there was a choic ...

€ 19.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Ducati - T - 65 cc - 1957
  • Bieden
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Ducati - T - 65 cc - 1957 Bieden

Ducati 65 T Compleet Een klein "juweeltje" ondertekend door Ducati.Vervaardigd door Ducati Meccanica S.p.A. van 1952 tot 1958.Dit exemplaar is waarschijnlijk uit 1957.Motor is los en de motor is compleet behalve de voorremhendel, deze ontbreekt.Een uitstekende basis voor een makkelijk restauratieproject.Verzending via express koerier door heel Italië en naar het buitenland.Italiaanse kopers: kosten met betrekking tot de eigendomsoverdracht komen ten laste van de koper.Kopers buiten Italië: de uitschrijvingskosten voor export (€100) zijn voor de koper.Wordt verkocht zonder garantieHet is raadzaam het voertuig te bekijken met de hulp van een be ...

Bieden 1 week landelijk, UT
Motosacoche 1929 Model 413 500cc 1 cyl ioe 2811
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Motosacoche 1929 Model 413 500cc 1 cyl ioe 2811 € 11.500

Motosacoche 1929 “Tourisme Type 413” 498 cc MAG IOE single frame# 17182 engine#1C9 K10 603114 In 1899 the brothers Henri and Armand Dufaux from Geneva, Switzerland, designed a little four-stroke engine. This compact unit could be bolted into the frame of any ordinary pushbike: The “Motosacoche” -which approximately means “engine-bag”- was born! Very soon the quality and practical utility of the invention became known even far beyond the Swiss territory. Gradually the engines became bigger and more powerful, twin cylinders were produced and the initial idea of a motorized pedal-bike was given up. The factory built complete motorbikes under ...

€ 11.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Matchless1965 CSR 750cc 2 cyl ohv 2811
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Matchless1965 CSR 750cc 2 cyl ohv 2811 € 9.950

Matchless 1965 G-15 CSR 745 cc ohv twin frame # 87728 engine #G15CS/109945 The G-15 CSR was launched at the Earls Court Show in late 1964 and was fitted with all the extras that café racer adepts desired: lots of chrome and polished alloy, low handlebars, swept-back exhausts, matching speedometer and rev counter, fork gaiters, rear set footrests et cetera. The 745 cc twin engine came from the Norton Atlas and developed 49 bhp@6,400 rpm. The CSR had a top speed of about 170 km/h and weighed some 180 kg. It was one of the last Matchless twins to be built: in September 1966 Manganese Bronze Holdings took over AMC. After the takeover The G-15 mo ...

€ 9.950 1 week Nederweert, LB
Beardmore 1923 Model E 496cc 1 cyl sv 2811
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Beardmore 1923 Model E 496cc 1 cyl sv 2811 € 16.500

Beardmore 1923 3½ HP Sports Model Type “E” 496 cc side valve single frame # 775 engine# 475 At one time Frank Baker’s Birmingham-based Precision company rivalled JAP as a supplier of engines to Britain’s motorcycle manufacturers. The first Precision engine went on sale in 1910 but it was not until after the First World War that the firm got around to building a complete motorcycle. It was launched as the “Beardmore Precision” because the Scottish Beardmore Engineering Group had gained control of Baker’s company. That first machine was a two stroke with leaf sprung suspension front and rear. Soon the range was expanded with side ...

€ 16.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Indian 1940 Chief 1200cc 2 cyl sv 2811
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Indian 1940 Chief 1200cc 2 cyl sv 2811 € 33.500

Indian 1940 Model 340 Chief 1204 cc side valve v-twin engine # CDO 738 For model year 1940 the Indian company had thoroughly restyled their range in order to attract more customers. Streamlining was all the vogue and Indian proudly boasted that they were leaders in this respect. Notable features of the new models were the skirted fenders and the spring frame for the Four and the Big Chief. These skirted-fender models are quite popular nowadays but at the time of their introduction not all Indian enthusiasts were positive: the 1940 Chief was about 40 kg heavier than its 1939 predecessor. Apart from fenders and rear springing there were more no ...

€ 33.500 1 week Nederweert, LB
Royal Enfield 1938 KX 1140cc 2 cyl sv 2811
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Royal Enfield 1938 KX 1140cc 2 cyl sv 2811 € 29.500

Royal Enfield 1938 “KX” 1140 cc side valve v-twin frame # 10428 engine # KX 635 The last word in luxury motorcycling’ was how Royal Enfield headlined the Model K in their 1938 sales brochure. It was powered by a mighty 1,140cc side valve, twin-cylinder engine with totally enclosed valve gear and Royal Enfield’s dry-sump lubrication system. This powerful unit was combined with a heavyweight, four-speed, hand-controlled gearbox to ensure that the Model K with standard ratios was ideal for both sidecar and solo use. Lucas 6 volt Magdyno lighting was standard as was black enamel finish with gold lining. The top-of-the-range Model KX featu ...

€ 29.500 2 weken Nederweert, LB
Stevens 1937 Model LP5 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2811
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Stevens 1937 Model LP5 500cc 1 cyl ohv 2811 € 16.500

Stevens 1937 “LP5” 495 cc OHV frame # 49837 The Stevens brothers must have been devastated after the closure of A.J.S. in October 1931. They lost nearly everything in the process, and yet decided to roll up their sleeves and start all over again from the beginning. Luckily they still owned their old Retreat Street premises, which in the intervening years had been used by the Stevens Screw Company Limited. Working on a shoestring they set up a new company called Stevens Brothers (Wolverhampton) Limited, in May 1932. The directors were the five Stevens brothers; Harry, George, Joe, Jack and Billie. Working around the clock, and assisted by ...

€ 16.500 2 weken Nederweert, LB
Moto Guzzi - Galletto 160 Prima serie solo telaio - 160 cc
  • Bieden
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Moto Guzzi - Galletto 160 Prima serie solo telaio - 160 cc Bieden

Frame zonder motorFramenummer: 15331810Eerste serie, zeer zeldzaamDit voertuig kan worden bezichtigd en opgehaald in Napels, Italië.Verkoper kan helpen met transport.

Bieden 2 weken landelijk, UT
Aprilia - AF1 125 - Project 108 - 125 cc - 1987
  • Bieden
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Aprilia - AF1 125 - Project 108 - 125 cc - 1987 Bieden

1e model AF1 125 Project 108.Geschikt als basis voor een restauratie project of als donor. Geen papieren aanwezig. Motorfiets is zoals op de foto's. Heeft jaren stilgestaan en loopt momenteel niet. De motor draait wel rond.Klassieker en voor de liefhebber.

Bieden 2 weken landelijk, UT
Zündapp 1943 KS750 750cc 2 cyl ohv 2811
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Zündapp 1943 KS750 750cc 2 cyl ohv 2811 € 47.500

Zündapp 1943 KS750 with sidecar Frame # 612658  Founded at the height of WWI to manufacture armaments, Zündapp found a new role post-war as a producer of motorcycles under the direction of new owner, Dr Fritz Neumeyer, building its first machine, a Levis-powered two-stroke, in 1921. The firm began making its own engines in 1924, selling more than 10,000 machines that year, and in 1933 introduced the first of the four-stroke flat twins that it is best remembered for. The initial 398cc and 498cc sidevalve models were followed in 1939 by the 598cc K600, the latter, like its predecessors, employing designer Richard Küchen’s un-conventional ...

€ 47.500 2 weken Nederweert, LB
NSU 1927 Model 502 494cc 2 cyl ioe 2811
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NSU 1927 Model 502 494cc 2 cyl ioe 2811 € 27.950

NSU 1927 model “502 T” Touring Model 494 cc IOE V-twin frame#483936 engine#79469 The company started as a knitting machine manufacturer ( Neckarsulmer Strickmaschinen Union) and went into the bicycle trade in 1886. It was a logic step to move into motorcycle production and in 1901 the first motorised NSU bicycle with Zédel clip-on engine was produced. Soon the development and production of the company’s own engines were taken up and the firm became one of the biggest motorcycle firms in Germany. In the twenties the pre-war line of machines was further developed. The model “502 Touren” was brought out in 1924 and ran through 1927. I ...

€ 27.950 2 weken Nederweert, LB
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