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MMC Two-track Tricycle ca1886 2805
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MMC Two-track Tricycle ca1886 2805 € 14.500

MMC Machine Manufacturing Company ” The Royal Mail Two Track Roadster” 1886. This so-called two-track Tricycle, where the 20 inch front wheel runs in the same track as the right rear wheel. This makes it much more easy to steer the tricycle especially on paths with track grooves. The steering is by rod to the front wheel, there is a band brake on the rear axle and the chain drive is centrally geared. One of the two 36 inch rear wheels is driven, to avoid a complicated differential. This tricycle has not been used for a very very long time and is still equipped with the original tires. Also the saddle still has the original leather and especia ...

€ 14.500 2 maanden Nederweert, LB
Super leuk Peugeot jongens fiets!
  • Bieden

Super leuk Peugeot jongens fiets! Bieden

Peugeot fiets! Jaren 80 Ziet er keurig netjes eruit! Doe een goed bod en hij is voor u!

Bieden 3 maanden+ Chaam, NB
#04 Penny Farthing Bayliss Thomas 56 Inch
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€ 3.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
#16 Surrey Machinists’Co
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#16 Surrey Machinists’Co € 3.500

Surrey Machinists’ Co. ordinary bicycle, circa 1885. 52 inch driver, direct spokes to hollow rim, replaced 15 inch tail wheel of pram-like construction, oval hollow backbone, hollow forks, cow-horn bars with T handles, lacking brake and one pedal. The saddle, step and pedal are replacements. Repainted bright red.

€ 3.500 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Singer ca 1885 Challenge 2710
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Singer ca 1885 Challenge 2710 € 4.950

Singer Challenge ca 1885 54 inch Penny Farthing Frame nr 50342

€ 4.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Joseph Devey ca. 1883 Special Express 2710
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Joseph Devey ca. 1883 Special Express 2710 € 5.950

Joseph Devey special Express 54 inch penny Farthing

€ 5.950 3 maanden+ Nederweert, LB
Vintage wielrenfiets
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Vintage wielrenfiets Bieden

Vintage wielrenfiets. Bieden va € 50,--

Bieden 3 maanden+ Venlo, LI
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